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St. James PSR Information & Policies
PSR Program
The Parish School of Religion program consists of a Coordinator, one teacher per grade level, and teacher aids. The Pastor is solely responsible for the decisions, format, and nature of the program. Teachers are acquired through collaboration between the Pastor and the Coordinator. The PSR program is for 32 weeks; one class per week.
The textbooks used in PSR are those prescribed and authorized by the Archdiocese of St. Louis. Evaluations of the texts and supplemental materials can be found in the above mentioned guidelines. If books are lost, they must be replaced at parents' expense.
Teachers may require some homework to be done. Without exception, these assignments are to be done and may reflect on whether a student completes enough work to proceed to the next grade level.
When a student enrolls in the PSR program, they are expected to attend regulary. On the primary level, any student who misses 6 or more classes during the school year must have a parental conference with the Pastor by the end of May before the student is passed to the next grade. Confirmation Class is the exception to our attendance policy, with only 3 absents allowed.
Arrival & Dismissal
Except in the necessity caused by bad weather, the doors of the school will not be open until 6:00 p.m. This allows teachers to be in their classrooms when the students arrive and be ready for class. We ask parents to please drop off child/children at the back door of the Parish Hall due to street traffic.
Sacramental Preparation
In order to prepare properly to receive a sacrament, a student must have been in religious classes one year prior to attending a class which prepares for a sacrament. This refers to the Sacrament of Reconciliation, Communion, and Confirmation. Example...A student may not enter 2nd grade First Communion preparation unless they were in a religious school the year previously. If not, then they must attend one year before attending the prepartation class.
Report Cards
The home is the most important influence on a child's faith. It is especially from the parents/guardians that the child learns to know, love, and serve God. The PSR assists them through a systematic presentation of the Good News, designed to help the child's faith become living, conscious, and active through the light of instruction. Progress reports are given in the sincere hope that they will help parents guide and encourage their child in learning and valuing the faith. While a child's relationship with God cannot be graded in any way, objective judgments can be made about one's knowledge and effort. PSR provides parents with regular reports on their child's understanding of material, attention/participation in class, assignments, and behavior.

Report cards are issued 2 times per school year. Parents are responsible for picking up Report Cards. They do not need to be returned.
Class/Religious Activities
Periodically throughout the year, religious activities will be scheduled, such as Prayer Services, Confessions, Mass, etc... Students in class are expected to participate in these activities the same as if it were class time and the attendance policy applies to these activities as well.
1st Child: $30.00
2nd Child: $15.00
3rd Child: $10.00

*$10.00 fee for those preparing for a First Communion.
PSR Phone No: 573-436-0144
Listen to radio station J-98 (98.5 on dial) OR watch Channels 2 or 11 for PSR cancellations due to bad weather.
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